3 European medtech startups you should know

Medical device startups focus on the creation of new devices and applications that can solve problems in healthcare. — an AI-based startups search and evaluation platform — has compiled a list of European medtech startups from each country that are using contemporary technology to make medical processes easier.

From 3D-printed orthotics and prosthetics to sensors to improve dialysis treatment, here are three startups listed by that you should know. (And check out MDO’s list of 20 notable medical device startups.)


Founded in 2016

München, Germany-based Mecuris is using 3D printing to make custom orthotics and prosthetics using patient images. The devices are custom fit for each patient to help enhance the patient’s lives.

Coala Life

Founded in 2014

Coala Life (Stockholm, Sweden) is developing an ECG device that can detect atrial fibrillation at any time. The patch-free device is paired with a smartphone app where algorithms can analyze the data and present them in the app.

Optofluid Technologies

Founded in 2012

Tallinn, Estonia-based Optofluid Technologies is developing sensors for real-time dialysis quality monitoring. It uses a method for detecting toxic waste removal from blood and allows users to adjust their treatment accordingly.

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