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Anelto Health and AT&T tackle remote patient monitoring

With AT&T connectivity, Anelto Health is bringing remote patient monitoring to the senior care space.

In addition to RPM, Anelto Health, which is based in The Colony, Texas, focuses on chronic care management and transitional care management for older adults. The company offers a two-way cellular hub, HomeAssure, which pairs with vital sign monitors and activity trackers. It also has built-in alerts, patient reactive questionnaires and 24/7 clinical call center support.

Ultimately, the goals of the remote patient monitoring solution are to help reduce seniors’ unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations and improve their overall health.

HomeAssure utilizes AT&T cellular connectivity, and no WiFi connection is needed. Via the AT&T secure mobile network, the patient’s health data and activity information are transmitted to their healthcare provider.

“AT&T provides all of Anelto’s IoT wireless communications service,” David Fronk, Anelto Health’s senior vice president of business development and sales, said in a statement.

The HomeAssure solution also includes an app so that a patient’s family members and friends can communicate with them and monitor their chronic disease and activity.

“The increase in the senior population coupled with rising healthcare costs puts a strain on resources — both physical and financial,” AT&T director of connected health strategy and development Tad Reynes said in a statement. “Connectivity underlies everything we do. When coupled with Internet of Things technology, connectivity has the power to positively impact our lives and shape our experiences.”

AT&T has made moves in healthcare before.

Last summer, it teamed up with patient engagement company ZOTT to use technology to help individuals in the hospital. The collaboration enables patients and their families to access DIRECTV for BUSINESS through ZOTT’s platform. Patients and their loved ones can consume different types of content simultaneously. For instance, a patient can be live streaming a YouTube video on her phone while her parents use their laptop to play a game from ZOTT’s game library.



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