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Atia Vision closes $20m Series D

Shifamed spinout and intraocular lens maker Atia Vision announced today that it closed the second tranche of a $20 million Series D financing.

Campbell, Calif.-based Atia Vision said in a news release that the funding round that was led by Cormorant Asset Management with participation from The Capital Partnership, AMED Ventures and Shangbay Capital.

The company said the financing is earmarked for its continued early clinical experience treating cataract patients, as well as the expansion of its facility. Atia Vision develops its intraocular lens to treat far-sightedness.

Atia Vision announced in May of last year that it had completed the first tranche of the $20 million Series D with investments from the same participants and the same intended use of proceeds.

“We are pleased to have early clinical evidence demonstrating accommodation, the ability of the eye to change its focus between distant and near objects,” Atia Vision president & CEO Mariam Maghribi said in the release. “The team is leveraging valuable learnings from our initial clinical work and incorporating feedback to quickly iterate and implement meaningful product improvements. We look forward to continuing our clinical efforts, including additional clinical sites, and expanding our production capabilities in the coming months.”

In August 2014 Shifamed applied for a U.S. patent for a hydrophilic “accommodating” intraocular lens. The device is comprised of 2 lenses and an adhesive portion between the lenses that forms a fluid chamber, according to the patent. Atia raised a $5 million Series A round in 2015.

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