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Bruker acquires Canopy Biosciences

Bruker Corp. (NSDQ:BRKR) announced today that it acquired biomarker imaging technology developer Canopy Biosciences.

Billerica, Mass.-based Bruker said in a news release that the acquisition, for which financial details were not disclosed, enhances its offering in targeted multi-omics and fluorescence-based imaging technologies and combines its global reach with Canopy’s success to date.

Canopy develops high multiplex biomarker imaging technology for practices in immunology, immuno-oncology and cell therapy.

The company, founded in 2016, also developed its ChipCytometry platform for use in ultrasensitive DNA sequencing (RareSeq), RNAseq, gene expression analysis, and multiplexed protein detection in cells and tissue samples.

“We are excited to add the multi-omics and high-content cytometry expertise of Canopy, and its novel ChipCytometry platform to Bruker,” Bruker NANO group president Mark Munch said in the release. “Canopy has a unique set of products that enable single cell, tissue and suspended cell-based discovery and validation in immunology and targeted proteomics, as well as a suite of complementary multi-omics services.”

“We are very pleased to join Bruker,” added Canopy CEO Edward Weinstein. “Joining forces with a leading life-science tools provider with broad geographic reach enables us to give many more researchers access to our powerful high-plex ChipCytometry platform, designed for accelerating basic immunology and clinical research, as well as biopharma drug development.”

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