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CorMatrix Cor PATCH for Repair of Broken Hearts Gets FDA Clearance

The patch is made using the new generation of the CorMatrix ECM extracellular matrix, which, unlike other competing devices derived from animal tissues, does not have any nuclear remnants, bits of cell wall, or lipids. It does still carry over factors that help tissues to grow into the material. Gluteraldehyde, a common ingredient in similar products that may be associated with inflammation, is not in the ingredients list of the Cor PATCH.

“We have a unique opportunity to enhance the repair and recovery of heart muscle after injury using the Cor™ PATCH technology. This could be a game changer for patients undergoing surgical procedures aimed to increase the blood supply to damaged areas of their heart. My translational research provides an important foundation of data to support the clinical use of this technology as an epicardial patch during coronary bypass surgery. We can now directly target damaged muscle in addition to bypassing blocked vessels,” said Dr. Paul W.M. Fedak, Professor of Cardiac Surgery, Cumming School of Medicine, University of Calgary, Libin Cardiovascular Institute of Alberta.


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