4 “Best Athlete” Qualities

Released on July 13, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

The last 180 days have shown us how critical it is to build teams or be part of a team that is built upon the 4 “Best Athlete” qualities:

  • Cognitive Intelligence (IQ) – smart is smart
  • Creativity – you have the ability to understand the abstract and can process ideas quickly. I call this “clock speed.”
  • Driven by Self-learning – you are a lifelong learner; upskilling is exciting to you.
  • Organized – you have managerial and administrative abilities.

Missions will vary but the foundational characteristics of the team that executes will not.

You may have noticed that domain expertise is not in the top 4.

Reliance on domain experience in rapidly changing markets and technologies is secondary to “best athlete” qualities.

These 4 Best Athlete characteristics should be explored by individuals who are interviewing or considering a change to a new company or team.

Does the organization you are currently working for or exploring for a new role, put these 4 characteristics above domain knowledge?

Written by

The Mullings Group