4 Things To Watch At The JP Morgan Healthcare Conference

Released on January 13, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

I will be at the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference this week and there will be a few things that will be interesting to watch.

  • While the “tech” is always interesting to focus on, the questions of, who is going to pay? how is it going to get reimbursed? how does it improve access? what is the long tail monetization model for data?
  • The ongoing transition of digital & data. Which platforms and investments will get the next wave of attention.
  • The artificial intelligence (AI) & privacy conversations that will assist or inhibit the acceleration of the applications in healthcare.
  • The public arrival of the small format / disposable robot. The Microbot Medical Liberty platform is being revealed by Harel Gadot and his team. The emergence of the disposable robot as another category of surgical robotics meaningfully broadens the market and opens up the emerging tech players to continue to innovate and not have the suicidal attachment to major CAPEX as the only exit.

Gadot also recently released the XACT Robotics platform (see below) at RSNA. These dislocating surgical robotic solutions are key to the ongoing growth of the market segment.

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The Mullings Group