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A Bold Move in Spinal Robotics

Released on September 6, 2019 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Stryker announces definitive agreement to acquire Mobius Imaging & Cardan Robotics

The purchase of Mobius Imaging, LLC / Cardan by Stryker is interesting. Getting a product to market is a complicated effort. Product approval from the FDA on a robot these days is no cakewalk.

A bold move for sure. Putting out a platform out that incorporates actionable data, work flow, end effector development, and implants themselves is a chorus of activity for it to succeed in both adoption and utilization.

The robotic spinal market is enjoying success in its infancy. A round of applause for all of those who have succeeded and are dominating the market.

Read the cards.

Large strategics grow by purchasing revenue.

Strategics like Medtronic and JNJ will always pay a premium for an approved platform that has demonstrated adoption and ongoing utilization. They have gone all in on the obvious market of surgical and diagnostic robotics being a backbone of healthcare.

History will show that we are at the least expensive entry point of healthcare robotics when you back in an approved device that has proven adoption and healthy sales.

Do not be surprised if one of the premier stand-alone spinal robotics companies gets picked up in the very near future by an organization that already has committed to a surgical/diagnostic robotics future.


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