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An Inside Look at Gauss Surgical

Released on April 9, 2019 | Written by Dragonfly Stories of The Mullings Group

Siddarth Satish, Founder and CEO of Gauss Surgical, shares his vision and insight on how data and algorithms can be leveraged in the medical device space to help empower the physician and humanize care.

Gauss Surgical has harnessed the power of the iPad and its “off the shelf” components to create an AI enabled platform for real-time monitoring of surgical blood loss. This technology helps address a critical blind spot in healthcare by improving the quality of perioperative care, especially in women’s health.

Listen in as Joe Mullings sits down with Siddarth Satish to discuss how data and algorithms don’t replace the decision of the physician, but instead, empowers them to be more effective at using the protocols they were trained to use.

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