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Career Choices in Robotics

Released on December 8, 2019 | Written by Joe Mulligs of The Mullings Group

While the surgical / healthcare robotics world continues to rapidly evolve. Here is something to seriously think through as you make career decisions:

If you are going to a large platform/format surgical robotics company where the capital is in excess of $1M+, be sure that there are deep pockets.

In the last few months, we have witnessed what happens when a company is under-financed or does not commit enough investment for legitimate R&D efforts. The technology in this space is accelerating at a rate that requires massive investment.

Add to that funding a sales force, servicing an install base and providing quarterly software/firmware and end effector upgrades is expensive in order to stay relevant.

The gap 8 or 9 years ago between Intuitive and other competitors was narrow. Today, it is an order of magnitude and growing exponentially.

The likelihood of those companies that have “pulled over to the side of the road” being acquired or purchased for patent positions or IP are nearly zilch.

Move along.

Just a friendly bit of advice.


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The Mullings Group