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Disposable Robots in Medtech

Released on January 3, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Disposable robots and implantable robots are the next category of growth in robotics.

To date, the value created in the large format surgical robotic marketplace has been created by Intuitive Surgical.

The industry followed suit and did what industries do, they emulated what was acceptable.

Medtronic, Verb Surgical Inc. and Intuitive continued on with large format robots that required large footprints in the hospital settings. As of late, footprints have been shrinking, single port stand-alone towers are emerging from the product development teams from Intuitive, Medtronic, CMR Surgical and other companies with surgical robots in development.

Enter the disposable robot. A “one and done” system, an entirely new category of surgical and interventional robotic solutions that will allow the surgical robotic landscape to rapidly grow without needing to be a billion $ plus strategic player which is required to support the large format solutions.

I recently spent time in Israel with Harel Gadot, the CEO, President & Chairman of Microbot Medical and saw both of these platforms in action.

Microbot will be at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco in January where they will be revealing the platforms.

This is super exciting and the next growth area for healthcare robotics.

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