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Executive Presentation: Positioning Your Organization for the Emerging Markets

Released on March 9, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

If you are thinking about positioning your organization for the emerging markets and economy, you may find this session I presented to a group of executives at the recent MDM West Conference in Anaheim interesting.

I tackle:

  1. Why being a disruptor is not enough, why you need to be a dislocator.
  2. The Innovation Curve and the 5 emerging markets in MedTech.
  3. How most businesses are built to respond and why you should build your business to predict.
  4. How to avoid being one of the big “misses” in your industry.
  5. How to design your firm to sell in the new model.
  6. Why your customer does not care that you disrespect social platforms because you misunderstand them, and why it will put you at great risk.
  7. Why fixating on an ROI is the wrong move.

Grab a beer, coffee or tea. Take notes.  Hoping this adds value to your day and your business.

The full presentation is below.

Written by

The Mullings Group