Harel Gadot | Who Will Drive The Healthcare Robotics Adoption?

Released on May 9, 2019 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Who and what will drive the tipping point of healthcare robotics adoption?

Harel Gadot, the Company and Group Chairman at MEDX Ventures Group LLC discuss the challenges and the stakeholders in the coming wave of healthcare robotics.

Is there a generational change emerging? Will the newly minted docs coming in to the system be that wave?

Is it the better-informed patient base that does not subscribe to the “blind faith” in physicians that previous generations did drive it through a heal thyself mentality?

Will the evangelist be one of the current medtech leaders who will have the courage to step-over the quarter-to-quarter madness of addressing profitability and instead commit to the long ball game?

Will the surgeons, insurers, hospitals and patients be patient enough to allow the actionable data to add up and allow us to approach and cross the chasm of resistance?

Who will be the first Samson to take out a Goliath?

Written by

The Mullings Group