Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions

Released on May 29, 2019 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Robotics, imaging and navigation get hold of the EP Market. More sensors, actionable data, better imaging and access empowers surgeons.

At the Heart Rhythm Scientific Sessions in San Fran, I spent time with the Acutus Medical, Inc. team and explored their AcQMap platform which is the only real time electrical, anatomical mapping system in EP.

Acutus and Stereotaxis have partnered to bring the only robotics integrated solution to the EP market. Bravo to both companies for these forward looking partnerships benefitting the patient.

Afib effects 33 million people and can lead to increased risk of stroke and heart failure. Recent studies show current approaches work just 50% of the time.

Acutus’s combines proprietary charge mapping ultrasound imaging to create animated, 3-D images in seconds that display precise anatomy and atrial arrhythmias. With AcQMap, physicians can create a full-chamber, 360-degree look at the atrium in real time for each individual patient empowering a customized treatment for every case

Thank you Jennifer El Aile, MS, AGPCNP-BC for being my Acutus sherpa. Scott Huennekens for continuing to drive digital innovation in the medtech space. Much thanks to David Leo Fischel, the CEO of Stereotaxis for sharing the system with me.

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