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High-Growth Career Categories in MedTech

Released on December 30, 2019 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Insights for high-growth career categories as you consider your future in MedTech:


  • Health: consumer-facing products, services/solutions that enable self-monitoring and are a gateway to massive data sets. Products like the Apple Watch and Google Fitbit. (Home setting)


  • Prevention: devices/solutions that are a mix of consumer and healthcare prescribed solutions. Intended to provide data directly to the user and/or shared with the healthcare system. A major gateway to massive data sets.(Home setting)


  • Predictive analytics: a category of devices/solutions for earlier intervention that use patient biometrics, genetic data and legacy data to anticipate catastrophic or chronic health risks. (Home & hospital)


  • Hospital: historically where a majority of healthcare efforts and dollars have been spent. Typically a reactive approach to healthcare and therefore the most expensive. (Hospital)


  • Rehab & Recovery: this category can be “post” any of the other categories listed above. The successful companies will have a data-heavy component incorporated in it which will drive rationalization of the costs associated. (Home)


All of these categories should have a major data-play directly tied to the product or service.


Note the out of hospital growth in products/services.

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The Mullings Group