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How 5G will change the landscape of MedTech

Released on July 18, 2019 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

5G will change the landscape of MedTech but it will not be through robotics.

It will be through mobile diagnostics.

The ability to diagnose, drives therapies and/or preventative technologies. Mobile devices changed consumer / user behaviors. When smartphones moved from the millions to billions of users; both behaviors and adoptions of new actions including, trade, commerce, engagement, and sharing of information, dramatically changed.

Mobile payments. Mobile shopping. Mobile behavior. Subscription and third party apps on larger platforms. Open architecture. Empowerment of platforms and the cloud. Even bigger than Cloud is Sky.

When it was for the most part a “desktop world”, innovation and impact, in relative terms, were minimum.

Mobile diagnostics and eventually therapeutic devices in much smaller packages will dramatically increase the access to information in digital formats. That in turn, feeds the AI-enabled devices that create more value for these devices and all of the “connected” partners to those platforms in a Cloud environment.

This is already occurring in the consumer markets at scale.

The key partner in the acceleration of technology using 5G and mobile diagnostics will be the government and the FDA; as to make sure we do not over-index towards privacy concerns.

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The Mullings Group