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How The Amazon Supply Chain Could Revolutionize Medtech

Released on March 2, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

The front line of medical device sales will be “Amazoned”.

Sales roles that offer less clinical value to the healthcare supply chain will be at risk and in some cases will entirely disappear.

The Amazon-like supply chain may have one of the biggest influences costs and work-flow.

You know there are cross-hairs on billions of dollars that often have low or no clinical/regulatory barriers.

Look for acquisitions that fall into startups that cater to the Voice & Vision / Healthcare category.

Amazon is an expert at getting commodity items delivered when and where you want them.

Those models will outperform and offer a better business and clinical solution to the healthcare system and manufacturers than the legacy sales force model that exists today.

The healthcare division of Amazon will not only be impacting the commodity market into the hospitals and ambulatory surgical center model but will likely dominate the home delivery model as telemedicine becomes empowered by voice, video and alternative care providers beyond the in-person GP visit.

Over 60% of the U.S. population over 65 years old have a chronic illness related to diseases like diabetes, COPD, urinary, ophthalmology, hypertension, and osteoarthritis.

There is the power to be shifted to an emerging model.

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The Mullings Group