How to Become a Gateway for the Market

Released on August 23, 2019 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

One of the ways that you can bring the greatest value to any marketplace is to be a gateway to information, insights, and interpretation of events in a market.

People enjoy learning.

Establishing a reputation / brand in the market offers you a broader choice of options.

As an individual, establish yourself as an expert who can communicate your expertise. The market will see value & you will have broader career options.

If you are an organization that is committed to attracting talent to your company, you can get individuals to “lean in” and consider a career inside of your four walls. Become a gateway as to why the market you are competing in is worthwhile for their career and why your product or service is one which they should bet on.

If you are a search firm, you should be doing that on behalf of your industry as well as for your clients in that industry.

In business, predictable patterns constantly emerge, human behavior simply takes on new actors and sets but the script often is the same. On par, principles remain the same but processes merely speed up.

Being a gateway and an important touchstone to career and business decisions makes you valuable to your marketplace.

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