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Intuitive Makes A Media Channel Grab

Released on February 24, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Do not mistake nor underestimate Intuitive’ s acquisition of Orpheus Medical.

Intuitive made their first overt step into the media business.

When one owns the media channel into the OR, one can control what you see and do not see. What you think and do not think. It influences it all.

I will get you to use my media network channel. Even as a lost lead service.

With new software and firmware releases, you need video. With training you need video. With the accumulation of surgical data to be later deployed for intraoperative surgical intelligence, you need video. The delivery system of video/audio into the surgical environment increases the moat around a business.

The Intuitive lead will become even more of a threshold to cross as Johnson & Johnson and Medtronic are a few years off from FDA approval.

It is not just a head start on the robot, it is a head start on the media pipe. JNJ and Medtronic continue to drive towards approval for their large format robotic systems, therefore, have no baseline or reasoning to have a media-pipe into the OR.

This is bigger than a robot. Remember this type of acquisition.


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The Mullings Group