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Major Pivots and Career Opportunities in MedTech

Released on May 11, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Just a few of the major pivots and career opportunities in the MedTech space:

  • Training and Development will be a total revamp. A larger role in companies and driven to be more virtual in nature.
  • Clinical trials will be impacted. How do we access hospitals and patients hesitant to go into facilities? What effect will Corona have on the baseline of patients? Unknown effects on the human body…. and will 30% or 50% of the population have been infected?
  • Access to hospitals and facilities impacts sales roles. Clinical support in cases? Weekly testing of reps? Will key account roles change as the overall access to hospitals by non-essential persons be closely monitored?
  • Digital technologies, like tele-proctoring, training, sales support, and service, for hospital technologies, open a new gateway for engagement.
  • Less sick patients will engage through virtual platforms, receive prescriptions/therapies that are immediately fulfilled through Amazon and delivered to their door the next day.

New roles, new workflows will emerge rapidly.

Those who attempt to use legacy roles, tools, and mindsets will quickly be deemed obsolete and be driven out of business.

Major investments are coming to support these changes.

How are you positioning your career and your company?

Written by

The Mullings Group