Released on February 17, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Wrapped up at MDM West 2020 in Anaheim. A strong showing for the true engine of the medical device industry.

I was asked by quite a few people at the show “why” I thought this sector of the industry is doing so well.

My thoughts:

– The rate of acceleration in the medtech industry is requiring more specialization of materials, manufacturing techniques, balloon profiles, coatings, specialty software and the list goes on. The large strategics are smart enough to partner with these specialty experts and stick to what they do best. Sell, distribute, manage supply chain, and iterate product.

– Acquisitions are driving business. Startup companies are partnering with the contract players and suppliers who are able to get technologies quickly in the hands of the startups who then can more rapidly get thru product development, clinicals, adoption and then transaction. Once the company is acquired the volumes go thru the ceiling and the supplier enjoys the increase in volume in the new partnership with the large strategic.

– New technologies in digital health, robotics, predictive analytics / monitoring, all being driven by the Amazon, Apple, Google, IBM’s have created a new multi-billion $ sector.

What are you doing to meet the need?

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The Mullings Group