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Resistance to Change in Healthcare

Released on August 17, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Does the resistance to change in the current healthcare structure put the patient at risk as much as the disease?

Do those who are “at the top” in the legacy structure of healthcare who understandably so are wired to defend the status quo for their own survival have an unconscious bias?

Why do sick people who are already compromised go to massive facilities where there are other sick people who are also compromised?

Is the century old monolithic structure of hospitals the most efficient and safest way to treat patients?

  • Should we have specialized surgery centers for those who are in an “elective” category to get treated?
  • Does PE / VC $ come into healthcare for the real estate play and pick up the abandoned strip malls and convert them to Ortho, Women’s Health, Cardiology, centers of excellence?
  • Should we incorporate virtual engagement, home health patient monitoring, predictive analytics to “raise a flag” and identify an outlier condition and kill the monster when he is tiny?

How do we accelerate technology and new processes in order to enable healthcare back to health?

Asking for the country.
Asking for the patient.

Written by

The Mullings Group