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Robot as the Caregiver

Released on February 7, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

There are many conversations around surgical robotics that require ongoing narratives.

Educating the market, the patient, as to what is possible with the systems and why they should be educated in regards to the coming market and healing thyself.

Doug Teany and I discuss this.

Mark Toland and I discuss the cybersecurity challenges ahead in the emerging connected world.

If data can get out, others can get in.

In Dublin, Scott Huennekens shares insights as to how the effective use of the connected technologies and leveraging the broad capabilities can offer better care, improved outcomes, access and getting these highly skilled surgeons into the market more quickly and extending their reach as well as their careers.

Check out Season 3 Episode 5 of TrueFuture below:

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The Mullings Group