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The Other Side: An Update from Scott Whitaker of AdvaMed

Released on May 18, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Scott Whitaker, President & CEO of AdvaMed returns to The Other Side and shares updates with us as AdvaMed and other organizations help navigate the journey of the MedTech companies as policy and responses from the FDA and Washington.

  • The cooperation between public and private has been very solid.
  • Insight into Steve Hahn ‘s leadership at the FDA.
  • What carryover will there be from the FDA and its activities to address the challenges of COVID?
  • The Emergency Use Authorization may have shown us how quickly we can move together and what does that mean outside of the Agency?
  • Decisions at FDA and CMS could serve as an economic stimulus that will support the economic going growth and stability of MedTech companies.
  • More on the pending applications at CMS on behalf of startups.
  • The status and on-ramping of the elective procedure side of the industry.

Thank you Scott, for all of the tremendous leadership in our industry.

View the full interview session below.

Written by

The Mullings Group