The Other Side: COVID-19 Supply Chain with Deloitte & Marie O’Malley from Medtronic

Released on July 27, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

The supply chain is what allows our frontline to be able to keep fighting.

While C19 has thrown the world a curve ball, the medical device industry continues on.

Sickness, disease, and life do not stand still.

The medtech industry has one of the most complex and critically examined supply chain of just about any industry.

In this session of The Other Side, my guest host Douglas Billings with Deloitte joins me as we discuss the dynamics of the supply chain with Marie O’Malley from Medtronic and Matt Humphreys of Deloitte, both leaders in the supply chain world.

It is clear that the pandemic will have the fundamentals of supply chain reimagined and will end up stronger and more agile as we move forward.

View the full video interview below.

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The Mullings Group