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The Other Side: MedTech Strategist & Reimagining Events with Kristy Kennedy

Released on August 31, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Another critical member of the medtech community responds to a crisis.

I sat with Kristy J. Kennedy, Chief Business Officer of the MedTech Strategist, on a recent episode of The Other Side. The MTS Dublin Show especially is one of the flagship international meetings for the startup, venture and corporate strategic partners in the medical device industry.

As with most other events, an in person meeting is not possible. The Dublin event especially is an amazing show. A multi-day event in a great location with some of the most connected early stage players in medtech attending. Well, not this year, not in this current environment.

As is the case with the mindset of other members of the medtech community, there is always a way. MTS and their team are creating a Dubliner virtual event and the medtech community has risen to the challenge and the show goes on.

The Mullings Group is proud to be an ongoing Platinum Sponsor for the show in addition to this year providing a digital presence for those companies who want to get in front of investors, VC’s, strategics and their peers. You can learn more here

For more information on the virtual summit, please visit

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