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Todd Usen, CEO of Activ Surgical on Autonomous Surgery

Released on May 20, 2019 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Imaging, navigation and robotics. They are all different specialties. We will be seeing more companies and technologies emerging in these three different areas of technology and the compounding of them will create a step change in healthcare.

While robotics in healthcare are a benefit, the emerging technologies in visualization systems may be even more important.

This was a great session with Todd Usen the CEO of Activ Surgical. Todd and I sat down recently in Dublin, Ireland at the annual MedTech Strategist Innovation Summit. Activ has developed a unique visualization system that allows the surgeon to see what they could not see before.

The Activ platform, a 3D digital mapping real-time visualization system that incorporates artificial intelligence, machine learning and algorithms that provides actionable real time information to the surgeon and their team.

The rate of commercially viable innovation is definitely accelerating in the assist, advise and automate world of healthcare.

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