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UI/UX Digital Aggregators in Surgery

Released on December 16, 2019 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

UI/UX is the digital aggregator in surgery.

Surgeons empowered by devices and equipment have the capability to take in massive amounts of data. With their hands needing to be free, they will require UI/UX Digital Aggregators.

While they come in a few forms, I have had the privilege to experience these “digital aggregators” using headset/interfaces.

For reasons of confidentiality I cannot share with you “who” I am referring to but one that I can share is the SentiAR System that I experienced this past week at the ICI Conference in Israel.

The systems that are able to connect multiple sources of data while reducing voice command/request hand-offs in the OR yet still allowing for collaboration where needed are going to further enable the digital transition.

Reducing friction and keeping the real-time data advised power in the hands of the surgeon and providing the convergence of sensing, visualization, displays, and decision-making will accelerate the digital transformation of digital/robotic surgery.

Allowing a surgeon to not have to rely exclusively on “voice commands” within their surgical team but actually can think/see/execute is the first real step towards a hard-wired brain to a machine in a surgical setting.

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