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Unwinding the Headlines – Digital, Flags & Hospitals

Released on June 22, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Unwinding The Headlines.

I am constantly taking in headlines, content, and industry info and I look for patterns that I apply to building companies and careers.

This week, I am unwinding the following headlines:

Early diagnostic tools and technologies which I refer to as an “approximation-to-precision approach” are some areas you may want to  explore for your career.

These are sensor based remote technologies that “raise a flag” at a distance and empower a clinician to be notified when a person needs to be looked at more closely; perhaps even virtually.

Taking baseline existing technologies that incorporates sensors, mobile phones, software and virtual engagement via video, will allow scenarios to be triaged and addressed quickly.

Moving primary centers of care away from hospitals and into centers of specialty will continue.

Cost, access, safety, empowering virtually and digitally “the basics” will be one of the drivers in the emerging markets.


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