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Unwinding the Headlines – Remote Monitoring & Virtual Care

Released on September 8, 2020 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Unwind the Headlines and read them like a career pro.

Where you are today with your career is certainly important. Where you are 3 years from now and selecting a well thought through trajectory based upon technology, its adoption and ongoing utilization can set you apart from the pack.

Drive your career, do not allow it to be by chance. History leaves clues. Patterns are predictable in human nature and the evolution of technologies and the behaviors that align with them.

If you are a headhunter, bring massive value to your marketplace by demonstrating your subject matter expertise and unwind the headlines for the people that you serve. A good headhunter sees hundreds of companies and thousands of careers. The average person if they are lucky see 2 to 3 careers and perhaps a half dozen companies.

Do the work. Make your contribution to your industry so worthwhile they have to listen.

Give, give, give without expecting anything in return. But be standing in plain sight when someone needs something.

This week, I am unwinding the following headlines:

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