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We Saw This Coming 😊

Released on August 8, 2019 | Written by Joe Mullings of The Mullings Group

Siemens Healthineers Acquires Corindus Vascular Robotics.

I called these types of acquisitions out 2 years ago (link to article below.) “Outside the body” companies become “inside the body” companies and there are many more to come.

Here is why:

  • The larger imaging and diagnostic companies will be transitioning to invasive markets through robotics.


  • Imaging, navigation, and robotics are the key components to the overall medical robotics marketplace. Most companies will have 2 of the 3.


  • Understanding the capital equipment business allows the transition into a commercial success more likely than a pure disposables mindset company trying to transition into a commercial facing effort.


  • The market-share to be gained by these large CAP-EX juggernauts is a critical pathway for them to drive share price for investors.


  • The large imaging companies already have a head start on planning, imaging, software, AI / ML on their product platforms.


  • The large strategics already have key real estate in hospitals, surgery centers, imaging centers and the sales forces on the front lines chomping at the bit for the opportunity to sell robotic solutions.


  • Platform solutions are the key to the large strategics and acquisitions or open architecture solutions are the way.


Congratulations to the true “street-fighters” at Corindus. You never gave up.


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