In2Bones launches bone graft harvester and backfill plugs

In2Bones today said it launched its CoLink Bone Graft Harvester and Tribio Backfill Plugs System in the U.S.

The CoLink Bone Graft Harvester is a minimally invasive bone graft device that harvests bone from different parts of the body, which includes the calcaneus, iliac crest, proximal tibia, distal tibia and distal femur. The device is designed to morselize cancellous bone for enhanced bone healing in fusion and fracture stabilization procedures.

In2Bones’s CoLink Bone Graft Harvester comes in sterile packaging and is pre-assembled for single use.

The Tribio Backfill Plugs are designed for backfilling bone defects. It is made from a blend of bioactive materials that consist of collagen matrix mineralized with hydroxyapatite, tai-calcium phosphate and bioactive glass. Tribio plugs form osteoconductive, sponge-like scaffolds that absorb surrounding blood and fluids to form new bones in the healing process.

“The combination of the new CoLink Bone Graft Harvester and Tribio Backfill Plugs enables surgeons to rapidly harvest autograft through a small incision and provides patients with innovative, bioactive implant solutions to backfill the surgical void created during the index procedure,” SVP of marketing Jon Simon said in a news release.

The two devices can be used with surgical fixation devices during bone fusion and fracture repair procedures.

“The launch of these two new products positions the entire In2Bones product portfolio for pull-through and increased growth,” Simon said.

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