NuVasive launches Cohere XLIF spinal device

NuVasive recently announced that it has launched its Cohere XLIF lateral Porous PEEK implant. The implant is designed for XLIF and lateral single-position surgery.

NuVasive’s new spinal implant is part of the company’s ongoing multicenter study that will evaluate advanced implant technologies in XLIF procedures.

“It is exciting to add the Cohere XLIF implant to our armamentarium to improve patient outcomes,” Dr. Frank Phillips, professor and director in the division of spine surgery at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, said in a press release. “This cage provides the advantages of ideal stiffness and excellent radiographic visualization of fusion progress, as well as robust science validating the advantages of Porous PEEK in proving surface architecture that was designed to allow bone in-growth.”

Cohere XLIF is one of the first product launches for XLIF and lateral single-position surgery applications that uses Porous PEEK technology. Porous PEEK technology in the Cohere implants is designed to promote bone in-growth.

“The transition from smooth PEEK to Cohere XLIF has been seamless. In my experience, workflow and imaging properties are essentially the same, and neither impaction forces nor graft containment have been compromised,” Dr. Anthony Kwon, a board-certified orthopedic spine surgeon at Charlotte Orthopedic Hospital, said. “Overall, it’s a great product that combines the favorable biomechanics of XLIF with the additional advantage of potential bone in-growth into the porous structure of the implant.”

“Imagine an implant that promotes improved early outcomes over smooth PEEK and allograft, while maintaining the stiffness and imaging properties that we value in PEEK,” Matt Link, president of NuVasive, said. “This is what we have available today through our Cohere XLIF, Cohere Cervical and Coalesce implants, and we look forward to extending this technology to additional applications in the future.”


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