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Smith & Nephew closes Brainlab ortho asset buy

Smith & Nephew (NYSE:SNN) said today that it closed its acquisition of  Brainlab‘s orthopedic joint reconstruction biz, which was originally announced in March.

London-based Smith & Nephew that the acquisition will support its strategy as it looks to further its multi-asset digital surgery and robotic ecosystem.

Brainlab’s orthopedic joint reconstruction biz produces digital workflow solutions for surgeons that cover from pre-operative planning to intraoperative navigation, as well as post-operative evaluation and sharing.

Smith & Nephew said that the acquisition includes Brainlab’s associated salesforce, which it plans to fold into its surgical robotics division. It added that it will look to install Brainlab’s software onto its currently-in-development Navio 7.0 handheld surgical system, which it plans to release during the second half of this year.

Along with the acquisition, Smith & Nephew said that it inked a collaborative development deal with Brainlab to develop additional applications for Smith & Nephew’s digital surgery ecosystem, according to an SEC filing.

Neither company released details of the acquisition.

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