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Smiths Medical ramps up ventilator production

Smiths Medical announced that it is increasing the production of its Parapac Plus ventilator to meet increased demand in the United Kingdom and across Europe.

The company’s Luton, England site is where production will be ramped up over the next two weeks, according to a news release. Smiths is also working with contract manufacturers in the U.S. to increase its ventilator production to help with the ongoing global shortage.

Smiths said that it is helping the United Kingdom government with its plan to produce an additional 5,000 ventilators within two weeks and scale availability to 30,000 over the coming months. Part of this will include Smiths’ role in the industrial consortium being formed by the government, in which the company is set to provide IP and technical advice while making the Parapc Plus ventilator available to the consortium.

Additionally, Smiths said it is increasing the production of its specialist ventilator hoses through its Flex-Tek division in South Carolina to aid a number of ventilator manufacturers globally.

“During this time of national and global crisis it is our duty to assist in the efforts being made to tackle this devastating pandemic and I have been inspired by the hard work undertaken by our employees to achieve this aim,” Smiths CEO Andrew Reynolds Smith said in the news release. “We are doing everything possible to substantially increase production of our ventilators at our Luton site and worldwide. Alongside this we are at the center of the UK consortium working to set up further sites to materially increase the numbers available to the NHS and to other countries impacted by this crisis.”

The actions taken by Smiths mirror those taken by several companies in the U.S. and around the globe as they continue to increase the production of ventilators and other necessary items and devices to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

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