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TeDan Surgical launches spinal stabilization device

Surgical access device maker TeDan Surgical Innovations (TSI) said it has launched its UltraFix stabilization technology as part of its second-generation, Phantom XL3 lateral lumbar surgical access platform.

TSI said it developed the UltraFix technology to deliver streamlined lateral access to the lumbar spine while ensuring uninterrupted surgeon focus in the operating room.

Phantom XL3 combines existing articulating mechanical fixation know-how and proprietary retraction technology to offer healthcare systems an implant-agnostic solution in surgical access, according to the Sugar Land, Texas-based company. It has a radiolucent surgical retraction blade configuration with surgeon-controlled pivoting capability, a cold-LED illumination platform and neuromonitoring dilation package designed to enable circumferential trans-psoas navigation.

“The release of the UltraFix stabilization technology into Phantom XL3’s articulating arm offering further cements TSI’s leadership in lateral lumbar surgical access solutions and marks another significant milestone in the evolution of its platform,” said TSI’s VP of sales & marketing, Terry Johnston, in a news release. “With the addition of this market-leading stabilization solution, we remain committed to enabling surgeons around the world with the most advanced tools with which to access the lateral spine seamlessly in an effort to enable reproducible patient outcomes.”

TSI also has a five-year, private-label deal with Fremont, Calif.-based SpineEx to make SpineEx’s Scorpio retractor and accessories.

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