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TriSalus launches TriNac Infusion System

TriSalus this week launched its TriNac Infusion System.

The infusion system is powered by the company’s Pressure-Enabled Drug Delivery (PEDD) approach with SmartValve technology and is designed to help with the infusion barriers that can limit therapeutic uptake in solid tumors. It gives interventional radiologists intravascular tumor access and improved traceability, compatibility with standard angiographic catheters.

“Tumor-directed delivery of therapeutics is an exciting opportunity to help improve outcomes across a wider range of procedures by overcoming intratumoral pressure that can prevent drugs from adequately penetrating the tumor,” president and CEO Mary Szela said in a news release. “The new TriNav Infusion System utilizes SmartValve, a first-in-kind, proprietary technology that has been shown to modulate the pressure and flow with the goal for improved therapeutic delivery and deeper penetration into the tumor while helping to protect healthy tissue.”

PEDD with SmartValve technology creates a high-pressure gradient that can improve delivery and penetration of therapy into tumors. The SmartValve is porous and expandable and is designed to allow antegrade flow and leverages blood flow to carry the dose deep into a solid tumor, according to the company.

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