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Wearable Device to Prevent Sudden Death from Epilepsy

The company’s prototype device is worn around the neck, which allows it to be on during the night, a particularly dangerous time to develop a seizure. Wireless connectivity allows it to send out readings that can be analyzed and alerts issued. The device also features wireless charging, making it easy to replenish its battery.

So far, the company is staying pretty quiet about the details of its technology, but hopefully it will prove effective as nearly 1 in 1,000 patients with epilepsy die from SUDEP, a sobering statistic. “We want to provide a simple device that is easy to use and can save lives,” said Vivek Ganesh, one of the Neurava founders, in a statement. “Our device monitors key biomarkers and then sends a wireless signal to a caregiver when it detects abnormalities typically linked to SUDEP.”

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