Baptist Health South Florida to acquire ZAP-X gyroscopic radiosurgery platform

ZAP Surgical Systems announced today that Baptist Health South Florida (Miami, USA) will acquire the […]

ZAP Surgical Systems announced today that Baptist Health South Florida (Miami, USA) will acquire the ZAP-X gyroscopic radiosurgery platform for cranial stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). The ZAP-X will be used by Miami Neuroscience Institute, in collaboration with Miami Cancer Institute—both part of Baptist Health South Florida—to diagnose and treat brain disorders and tumors. Installation of the ZAP-X platform is expected to commence in late-2022.

As a non-invasive treatment for many primary and metastatic brain tumors, SRS is a well-established procedure that often provides equivalent to superior outcomes compared to surgery, yet requires no incision and is painless. SRS is typically delivered in one-to-five brief outpatient visits and patients often return to normal activity the same day as the procedure. This is according to a company press release.

ZAP-X was designed to transform modern radiosurgery with a ground-breaking gyroscopic design that delivers hundreds of uniquely angled radiation beams precisely sculpted to the unique contours of targeted lesions. This novel capability aims to enhance patient outcomes by potentially improving the ability to avoid critical structures, such as the brain stem, eyes, and optic nerves, while also lowering healthy brain tissue exposure to preserve patient cognitive function.

“When treating the brain, particularly with a procedure as complex as radiosurgery, the technology and precision must be exquisite,” said Michael McDermott (Miami Neuroscience Institute, Miami, USA). “ZAP-X is the latest advance in SRS, and the first new dedicated radiosurgery technology platform in over 30 years. This innovation enables our centre to offer patients the highest level of care.”

The release states that ZAP-X is recognized for being the first and only vault-free SRS delivery system—thereby eliminating the need for providers to build costly shielded radiation treatment rooms. This unique feature also allows clinicians to remain immediately adjacent to the patient during treatment, in contrast to the long-standing practice of patients being sequestered in a shielded delivery suite during therapy.

Utilizing a modern linear accelerator to produce radiation, ZAP-X is also the first and only dedicated radiosurgery system to no longer require Cobalt-60 radioactive sources, consequently eliminating the significant efforts and costs to host, secure and regularly replace radioactive isotopes, the release continues.

“Miami Cancer Institute is in the unique position of having access to virtually every radiation delivery technology available,” added Minesh Mehta (Miami Cancer Institute, Miami, USA). “This allows our team to align each patient with a tailored therapy and technology for highly individualized indications and needs. We look forward to ZAP-X further complementing our portfolio of therapeutic solutions.”

To facilitate rapid installation, ZAP-X will initially be located within a temporary facility and will soon migrate to the new Miami Neuroscience Institute building at Baptist Health South Florida’s Dadeland campus.

The ZAP-X gyroscopic radiosurgery platform gained US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance in 2017, Shonin approval for use in Japan in 2020, and a European Union CE mark in February of last year.

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