Body Vision Medical raises $20m for lung diagnostic tech

Body Vision Medical said today that it closed $20 million in Series C funding, which is […]

Body Vision Medical said today that it closed $20 million in Series C funding, which is earmarked for its LungVision 2.0 platform.
The Ramat Ha Sharon, Israel-based company said the money will be used to streamline commercialization and manufacturing activities for the LungVision 2.0.
LungVision 2.0, which was cleared by the FDA in May, features artificial intelligence tomography, fused imaging, cloud-based machine learning and multi-modality image registration. It’s used for lung cancer diagnostics through augmented real-time intra-body navigation and imaging.
The LungVision lung navigation catheter, used in conjunction with standard bronchoscopes and the system for guiding endotherapy accessories to small pulmonary nodules, received FDA clearance in April 2018. Body Vision Medical added $8.5 million for the LungVision platform in September of that year.
Body Vision Medical said it will exhibit the LungVision 2.0 platform at the CHEST annual meeting in New Orleans from Oct. 18-24.
“The LungVision platform is designed to enable the pulmonologist with easy and instant access to advanced technological capabilities within their regular procedure room,” founder & CEO Dorian Averbuch said in prepared remarks. “Seamlessly integrated into the standard procedure flow, the LungVision platform offers continuous support throughout all phases of a navigation bronchoscopy procedure. This platform includes precise tomographic tool-in-lesion confirmation and guided biopsy sampling. Body Vision Medical is uniquely equipped to provide both the physician and hospital with highly desired benefits through continuous delivery of cost-effective medical procedures.”
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