David Schnur Associates partners with ERI Group

In-house electromechanical and fluidic ‘box build’ expertise complements DSA’s offering for medical device and life science […]

In-house electromechanical and fluidic ‘box build’ expertise complements DSA’s offering for medical device and life science customers

David Schnur Associates (DSA), a global supplier of outsourced technical sales and marketing services, recently announced an exclusive, multi-year strategic agreement to add ERI Group (formerly Evergreen Research) to its network of partner companies.

Based in Golden, Colorado, ERI Group provides services that span the entire process of bringing a medical innovation to market. The agreement with DSA focuses on “box builds,” bringing electromechanical and fluidic medical devices to market. Examples of ERI Group projects include home dialysis equipment, a battery-operated ultrasonic nebulizer and a computerized perfusion controller.

“ERI Group is an undiscovered gem that’s a perfect fit for our medical device and life science customers,” said DSA CEO Barry Schnur. “We’re particularly excited about ERI’s multidisciplinary expertise in electromechanical and fluidic devices. With in-house experts in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, fluidics, sensors and more, ERI can take a prototype and turn it into a functional device to support clinical trials, then take it into full production.”

“We are very excited to be partnering with DSA to continue to expand our capabilities and accelerate growth,” said Natasha Bond, president of ERI Group. “The DSA team has strong, long-term relationships with both startups and large OEMs and understands these customers’ needs well. These existing relationships — combined with DSA’s global reach and the expertise and strength of the ERI team — will allow us to better serve our existing customers and extend our services to new clients in the medical device space.”

ERI Group is the latest addition to DSA’s global network of medical device component and device manufacturing partners. “Our partner network gives us a vast toolbox of solutions to support R&D engineers throughout the product lifecycle,” Schnur said. “We act as an extension of our customer’s team to help them accelerate R&D and create and manufacture a better medical device using the right technology.”

About DSA

David Schnur Associates (DSA) is a medical device and life science technical sales organization with 45 years of experience consulting on the design and development of medical components and devices. With consultancy services and a global network of material and component partners, DSA is a single point of contact connecting customers with the best in cutting-edge materials and custom components. For more information, visit DSA at dschnur.com.

About ERI Group

ERI Group brings medical innovations to life.  We offer a full-service approach — from Product Design and Development, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs to Contract Manufacturing. With 35 years of experience and deep technical expertise to handle the most complex projects, we partner with clients to deliver revolutionary healthcare, medical and complex electromechanical products to the market. For more information, visit erigroup.com.

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