Diabeloop, Terumo partner to bring automated insulin delivery to Europe

Diabeloop announced that it entered into an agreement with Terumo with eyes on bringing automated insulin […]

Diabeloop announced that it entered into an agreement with Terumo with eyes on bringing automated insulin delivery solutions to Europe.

Paris-based Diabeloop’s automated insulin delivery (AID) system automates and personalizes the treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes and contributes to reducing the mental burden associated with the metabolic disease.

A dedicated handset hosts the platform, which uses Diabeloop’s developed self-learning algorithm connected to a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and insulin pump, analyzing data in real-time to decide whether to maintain the current insulin settings or adjust delivery.

Diabeloop’s DBLG1, the state-of-the-art algorithm from the company, is currently available across several European markets, according to a news release.

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Tokyo-based Terumo in 2018 launched its Medisafe With insulin patch pump designed to be wearable and lightweight for patient comfort and freedom. The company has also been the exclusive distributor of Dexcom’s CGM system in Japan since 2019.

Diabeloop and Terumo have worked together on the joint development of an AID system in Japan since 2020. The latest form of their partnership aims to expand to Europe and potentially further across the globe.

“We always want to offer more choices to people living with diabetes,” Diabeloop Founder & CEO Erik Huneker said in the release. “This new agreement will allow both companies to keep contributing to diabetes care with a real impact on clinical results while proposing safe and highly effective personalized solutions.”

The partnership aims to accelerate and strengthen the collaboration between the new companies, combining both entities’ technologies to further address unmet needs.

“We believe that this partnership will provide better treatment options for patients with diabetes around the world,” Terumo GM of DM and Consumer Healthcare Yoshiya Kikawa added. “Our vision is for our products and solutions to help patients manage their diabetes better and to make them feel unrestrained from diabetes.”

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