Distalmotion, Proximie partner to bring telepresence to surgical robotics

Distalmotion announced today that it partnered with Proximie to extend its Dexter surgical robot platform globally. Proximie develops […]

Distalmotion announced today that it partnered with Proximie to extend its Dexter surgical robot platform globally.

Proximie develops an operating room (OR) operating system that provides hospitals and surgical centers access to preoperative data that can help inform patient care, plus real-time collaborative tools to record, train and deliver care. It also offers postoperative content management tools to capture and distribute content to colleagues.

The company’s aim is to allow health systems to establish an intelligent, digital layer to the OR to enable them to save time, money and lives.

Dexter easily integrates into clinical practice, the company says. It requires no additional infrastructure, fits into every clinical setting and features mobility for sharing across departments. Institutions can then scale robotics programs across surgical disciplines, enhancing the standard of care.

The robot allows for on-demand robotics, enabling best-in-class minimally invasive care. The platform provides surgeons access to the benefits of both robotic and laparoscopic surgery.

More about the partnership between Distalmotion and Proximie

Distalmotion expects the collaboration with Proximie to give its customers access to the company’s healthcare platform. It hopes to deliver telepresence, content management and data-driven insights. The company says the Proximie platform acts as a powerful tool, extending the reach of surgeon expertise and experience.

“Our collaboration with Proximie represents a stride forward in our mission to empower robotic surgery by providing more hospitals, surgeons, and patients access to robotic excellence,” Distalmotion CEO Greg Roche said in a news release. “By integrating Proximie’s platform, we are creating an ecosystem that enables greater support and innovation, elevating the standard of care.”

Combining the companies’ technologies enables the seamless exchange of knowledge and learnings between surgeons. Additionally, it enables information exchange between surgeons and Distalmotion to deliver high-quality surgical care.

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Distalmotion, as we collaborate to train more surgeons to use the Dexter system – thus improving patient outcomes and surgical productivity,” said Nadine Hachach-Haram, Proximie founder and CEO. “The partnership is another step in our journey of digitizing global ORs, enhancing patient care and providing the tools to improve the quality of surgery globally.  We are hugely excited about the potential impact of this partnership and look forward to working with Distalmotion as we provide a valuable solution to increase accessibility to advanced robotic surgeries.”

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