Duopharma Biotech expanding mobile breast cancer screening in Malaysia

Duopharma Biotech, one of Malaysia’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, has committed to expanding access to a […]

Duopharma Biotech, one of Malaysia’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, has committed to expanding access to a mobile breast cancer screening device at the community level. 

It has signed a distribution deal with the Malaysian unit of US-based femtech company UE LifeSciences to make the iBreastExam device available in primary care clinics across the country.

iBreastExam is a hand-held, radiation-free device that uses DCPC (Dynamic Co-Planar Capacitive) sensor technology to measure the difference in breast tissue elasticity in real time at the point of care. This user-friendly device, which requires minimal training, helps identify and triage for clinically relevant breast lumps among asymptomatic patients, as well as automates and standardizes clinical breast examinations. It also stores data on the cloud, facilitating seamless follow-up. 

The device’s accuracy in the initial detection of breast cancer has been verified through several independent clinical studies worldwide. UE LifeSciences has received various regulatory approvals in over 12 countries for iBreastExam, including the United States FDA clearance and Europe’s CE mark.


In Malaysia, almost 40% of new breast cancer cases diagnosed each year were found at a very late stage. The five-year survival rate is nearly 60% for Stage 3 cases and 23% for Stage 4 cases. 

These alarming figures, according to Duopharma Biotech, highlight the need for early detection of breast cancer. By distributing iBreastExam devices across primary care clinics via partnerships with private and public health organisations, the company seeks to address the lack of access to breast cancer detection and drive preliminary community screening.


Early cancer detection initiatives worldwide are now leveraging AI to further identify potential cases. South Korean medical AI company Lunit is enabling such large-scale programmes, including New South Wales’ BreastScreen programme in Australia and the breast cancer screening at Capio S:t Göran Hospital, one of Sweden’s largest healthcare providers.


“There are still too many in the community who do not go for regular screenings and instead only see a doctor when there is a serious complaint, which can be too late for effective treatment. Thus, by Duopharma Marketing partnering with UE LifeSciences to distribute their mobile breast screening device among frontline healthcare providers in the community, we hope to increase access to preliminary screening and ultimately encourage Malaysian women to schedule full regular screenings, to improve lives in the longer term,” said Duopharma Biotech Group managing director Leonard Ariff Abdul Shatar.

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