Eitan Medical opens new manufacturing facility for wearable drug delivery platform

Eitan Medical announced today that it opened a new manufacturing facility at its headquarters to support […]

Eitan Medical announced today that it opened a new manufacturing facility at its headquarters to support drug delivery device production.

Netanya, Israel-based Eitan intends for the facility to manufacture its Sorrel wearable drug delivery platform. That includes multiple device configurations, such as vial- and cartridge-based wearable injectors. On-site manufacturing supports Eitan’s production scale for its pharmaceutical solutions division.

Sorrel offerings come pre-filled and pre-loaded in primary containers up to 50 mL. It also comes in the form of small-volume, on-body injectors.

“Having on-site manufacturing capabilities enables tight alignment between our R&D, engineering, quality and manufacturing teams and gives us the agility to implement innovations and new product features rapidly,” said Oded Peres, VP of operations at Eitan Medical. “With multiple clean rooms, production lines and automated testing stations, we can provide quality assurance for every device that passes through our lines.”

More about the new Eitan Medical manufacturing facility

Eitan’s facility covers 410 square meters (4,413 square feet). It features two ISO-7 clean rooms and 50 square meters (538 square feet) of supporting areas.

The facility also includes two semi-automated production lines. They incorporate both fully- and semi-automated technologies and processes. That includes ultrasonic machines, duckbill-dispensing robots, high-end pressure and leakage testers, heat staking stations with automated vision control and functional testers with high-resolution needle vision inspection and needle lubrication.

Increased production capacity for Sorrel devices supports Eitan’s pharmaceutical partners, the company said. It lends itself to feasibility projects, joint development and clinical studies, along with commercial implementation.

The facility also features manual production lines. These lines support increased demand from customers, allowing for the simultaneous manufacturing of multiple products and customer lines.

“The manufacturing lines significantly improve our ability to support customers and meet increased market demand, while maintaining full control and quality of our devices,” said Dr. Andrei Yosef, GM of pharmaceutical solutions at Eitan Medical. “We have multiple pharmaceutical partners looking to utilize our Sorrel wearable drug delivery platform and our increased production capacity will enable us to meet this increasing demand.”

Eitan Medical partnered with TeamTechnik to build the facility.

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