Eko Health raises $41M for AI-driven heart, lung disease detection

Eko Health announced today that it raised $41 million in a Series D financing round to […]

Eko Health announced today that it raised $41 million in a Series D financing round to expand access to its early disease detection platform.

ARTIS Ventures, Highland Capital Partners, NTTVC and Questa Capital participated in the funding round. It builds on recent milestones for Eko, which include FDA clearances for its structural heart murmur and low ejection fraction detection algorithms.

Using an Eko stethoscope, providers can quickly detect abnormal heart rhythms during a routine physical exam. San Francisco-based Eko utilizes its Sensora platform, which uses AI in cardiac disease detection. In addition to low EF and structural heart murmur, the platform features an FDA-cleared algorithm for identifying AFib.

By enhancing detection capabilities, the platform can significantly reduce diagnostic bottlenecks. This, in turn, leads to earlier interventions and improved patient outcomes.

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Eko plans to use its funds to widen its presence in the U.S. and accelerate expansion into international markets. The company has new strategic backing from Double Point Ventures in the U.S. Singapore-based global investor EDBI (the corporate investment arm of the Singapore Economic Development Board) also invested. Finally LG Technology Ventures, backed by the LG Group of South Korea, joined in as well.

“Eko harnesses AI to unlock universal access to expert-level cardiac and pulmonary disease detection for patients everywhere,” said Connor Landgraf, CEO and co-founder of Eko Health. “Just as Ring transformed doorbells into home security systems, Eko has reinvented the world’s most ubiquitous medical tool into a powerful early disease detection platform, creating the world’s largest install base of professional AI-enabled cardiology devices.”

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