Evasc announces clinical milestones and plans to expand European presence with German subsidiary

Evasc Neurovascular has announced new strategic growth initiatives, having recently achieved a milestone of 120 […]

Evasc Neurovascular has announced new strategic growth initiatives, having recently achieved a milestone of 120 successful cerebral aneurysm cases with its innovative Eclips device. The Canada-based company is also expanding its European operations with the establishment of a new subsidiary, Evasc Neurovascular GmbH, headquartered in Germany.

This expansion constitutes “a significant leap forward” in Evasc’s commitment to providing enhanced neurovascular care solutions in Europe, as per a press release. By establishing a direct presence in Germany, Evasc aims to facilitate more efficient services and direct sales, solidifying its position as a “key player” in the European market.

In parallel with this expansion, the company is reporting “noteworthy progress” in the France-based EESIS trial—a “crucial component” of its ongoing efforts to validate the efficacy and safety of its groundbreaking neurovascular treatments. The strategic move into Germany also positions Evasc to contribute even more significantly to the advancement of neurovascular care throughout Europe, the release adds.

“Evasc’s success extends beyond geographical boundaries, with increasing recognition and adoption within the neurointerventional radiology community,” the release continues. “Its cutting-edge solutions have demonstrated remarkable promise, particularly in the treatment of wide neck bifurcation aneurysms—an area that has historically presented challenges within neurovascular care.”

In 2023 alone, Evasc successfully treated 80 patients, achieving a “commendable milestone” in the company’s history that underscores its “unwavering dedication” to improving patient outcomes and advancing neurovascular care. The release further states that the establishment of Evasc Neurovascular GmbH in Germany also highlights the company’s dedication to localising support and resources for its European clientele.

“Our expansion into Germany and our ongoing success in clinical trials and patient treatments are demonstrations of the Evasc dedication to excellence, and paving new ground in the world of neurovascular health,” said a spokesperson from Evasc. “This positive momentum will only continue. We are confident our company will continue to be instrumental in shaping the landscape of neurovascular care worldwide.”

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