2023 | A Year in Review

Dragonfly – A TMG Company and One60Studios Studios. A Year in Review. We had dozens […]

Dragonfly – A TMG Company and One60Studios Studios. A Year in Review.

We had dozens of partners come through One60 Studios and work with Dragonfly as they shared their thoughts, technologies and dreams with the medtech community in 2023.

Moonshot with Santosh Iyer and Harvard University represents the opportunity for our industry to get expose the young and bright minds to one of the coolest and fulfilling careers in the world. Technology and saving and extending lives.

Ariana McGee, Vernessa Pollard, and MedTech Color discuss some of the initiatives that are important for the industry.

Amy Belt Raimundo shares the message MedtechWOMEN.

MedTechVets started by Michael Minogue and led by Derek Herrera and creating the on-ramp to our industry for those that have given so much to our country.

Jeffery Alvarez from Moon Surgical and Greg Roche from Distalmotion representing the emerging form factors and the critical business model that is occurring in ASC’s and bringing realistic solutions from a cost, value and outcome perspective putting surgical robotics into the hands of the less addressed higher volume, lower acuity and cost markets. Stefan Kreuzer, MD discusses the enormous market opportunity in the ASC space.

The surge that continues to come out of France as companies like Moon Surgical, AcuSurgical, Quantum Surgical, Robeauté, and Robocath push the envelope of surgical robotics.

Elliot Street from Inovus Medical, another MD, Founder and medical device CEO is one of the progressive leaders who understands that the hiring process directly impacts performance and retention and he worked directly with TMG to build out a winning playbook.

Rafael J. Veraza, PhD, MPH from Vascular Perfusion Solutions, Inc. represents another passionate founder, CEO shares his technology that provide a gift to patients and families. Joining a rapidly evolving group of companies like Paragonix Technologies, Inc., Bridge to Life Ltd. and OrganOx.

IQ Endoscopes Limited, CEO Matt Ginn, from the UK, which continues to be a tech leader in our space, discusses the multi-threat solution set that single-use visualization systems brings to the market and how the market needs vary based on country, region, payer and provider problems that require solutions.

One of the key foundations to standing up the medtech industry are the organizations like Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC), led by Andrew Fish, Advamed led by Scott Whitaker, Surgical Disruptive Technology Summit by Erik Wilson, MassMEDIC by Brian Johnson and the Mayo Clinic Summit championed by Janani Reisenauer

I hope you enjoy this as much as we did.