MDMWest 2019 Overview

Joe Mullings and Maria Peters attended the MDMWest 2019 Show in Anaheim, CA. Listen in as they walk you through this fantastic show that showcases the inspiration, effort and love that the suppliers and partners have for the medical device industry.

The Mullings Group attended the 2019 MDM West (Medical Design & Manufacturing) Show in Anaheim, CA. This is one of the largest medtech conferences in North America, where 1,900 cutting -edge suppliers showcase their latest solutions in contract manufacturing, manufacturing equipment, automation, R&D, medical device components and more. This show reminds us of the power of platform thinking. Building on “the shoulders” of what others have done and already exists in order to get medical devices & solutions to market more economically. 
In this video, Joe Mullings (CEO of The Mullings Group) and Maria Peters (MedTech Search Consultant at The Mullings Group) walk you through the 2019 MDM West conference and share their key takeaways.