New Digital Platform TMG 360 Media Aims To Shorten Timeline To Market For Healthtech Companies

Partnership between The Mullings Group and Lobeline Communications offers integrated suite of services to align with funding sources.

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — TMG 360 Media, a digital platform created to drive brand awareness, patient recruitment, strategic partnerships and funding access in the healthtech industry, announced its official launch today.

The agency has been established to use digital marketing services to address core issues that all emerging healthtech companies face. By using TMG 360 Media’s integrated marketing approach, companies will shorten the time from trial completion to market, thereby expanding the opportunities for strategic partnerships and aligning with funding sources.

In addition, TMG360 Media offers a suite of complimentary services designed expressly for companies in the healthtech space, including a daily updated feed of industry news, original video and articles about emerging companies, markets and trends, journalistic coverage of conferences, and exclusive interviews with industry thought leaders.

A partnership between The Mullings Group, a leading medtech talent-acquisition firm, and Lobeline Communications, a leading digital media and PR firm in Los Angeles, the agency will be headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Delray Beach, Fla., and led by Jamie Hurley, CEO, and Joe Mullings, Chairman of the Board.

“Perhaps no industry is anticipated as much by the public as medtech. It holds the promise of changing peoples’ lives in profound ways every day, yet it’s often invisible to the public and the business investment community alike.  At a time when all of a society is rapidly accelerating toward using various internet platforms, we saw the need for the healthtech industry to accelerate its shift from analog to digital marketing,” says Mullings. 

Joe Mullings, Chairman of the Board

TMG360 Media clients will get direct access to a team with 60 years of combined experience building companies, careers and content for more than 500 different companies in the life sciences and medtech sectors.

“In a sense, every company today is a media company because of the 24-hour news cycle and the ubiquity of social media. However, because of the unique regulatory environment surrounding healthtech companies, as well as the feverish pace of innovation, their industry-specific communications needs are not currently being addressed. Our objective in forming TMG 360 Media is to ensure our clients’ milestones are achieved efficiently and effectively through the power of digital media,” said Hurley.

Jaime Hurley, CEO

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TMG360 Media is a communications, design and marketing digital platform, created to bring healthtech companies to market faster. The platform offers a suite of integrated, brand-building services, and an informational portal with original editorial and video content about the healthtech industry. The company is headquartered in San Francisco with offices in Los Angeles, New York City and Delray Beach, Fla.